About me

I am Australian, I have been living in France for many years, and currently reside in the city of Perpignan. My work is inspired by Australian Aboriginal Art.

Aboriginals paint on their bodies, on tree bark, on rocks, and nowadays also on canvas.

They mainly use 4 natural colors:

Red and yellow ocres, charcoal black and chalk white, either implementing wooden sticks as brushes or finger-painting. The colorful dots obtained form various shapes, lines and circles which compose more or less complex patterns.

One cannot decipher an Aboriginal painting without having been initiated by the tribe elders; the symbols  they represent are a secret code, unique to each tribe, akin to a language.

I try to represent the “dot painting” technique used in Aboriginal Art with nail heads, some left their natural color, some painted. The whole depicts the many shades of Australian landscapes, as well as those of the country’s rich fauna and flora.

Each piece is a personal composition and is unique.

My nails are of various shapes and sizes, some very old and handmade, producing various effects reminiscent of those found in sculpture.

In some of my compositions, I incorporate pieces of eucalyptus bark, a reminder of the huge forests found in many parts of Australia.

My house is a gallery for my art.

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